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Covid-19 (Coronavirus)


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Steven Novella said:
The Toll of COVID

Also, using death as the only marker for the health toll of this pandemic is misleading. Those who survive may experience significant morbidity, chronic symptoms collectively referred to as long COVID. A recent study, for example, found that having severe COVID correlates with brain shrinkage and cognitive deficits equivalent to normal aging between ages 50 and 70 – 20 years of brain aging. This was correlation only, but it is extremely likely that most or all of the correlation was caused by the infection. As a neurologist I am seeing many patients referred for cognitive, fatigue, and other neurological symptoms following COVID. People generally recover to some extent, but not always or completely.
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Led Zeppelin

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Imagine if we actually held the authorities accountable for the disastrous way they handled this entire situation, instead of blaming a couple crackpots on the internet like they want you to do.