Know a good subtitling program (permanent subs)?


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I'm planning on translating some of the great youtube videos, and for that I occasionally need to subtitle things which are written on the screen in the original.
Windows Movie maker has a subtitling option, but it's very weird. It's hard to control where on the screen the text will end up, how big it is, etc. So, does anyone know a better program?

I tried SubtitleWorkshop4, which creates subtitle-files that you can temporarily stick to movies while you're watching them. But I still need a way to permanently add them to the videos. I tried Auto Gordian Knot, following the instructions on this website, but the result is messy. It speeds up the vid five times and repeats the sped-up version five times.

So, does someone know how to stick existing subtitles to a video permanently, or to stick new permanent subtitles to a vid from scratch? Would be much apprechiated.
I strongly recommend VisualSubSync. It's a subtitling program that shows the soundwave of the file you're subtitling.
If you want to convert subtitles, Subtitle Workshop is a good program - also decent for subbing, but doesn't show the sound.

To make the subs permanent you would need to save the subtitle as .ssa and reencode the whole movie using VirtualDub and the appropriate video filter.


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Awesome, that worked, thanks. ^^
In particular, I followed these instructions here: