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Now I have been indoctrinated into believing that this verse is talking about now and these last days. Why? We legalized abortion just a few decades ago. We legalized gay marriage a few years ago (to name just a couple). Now we see how today to talk bad about gays is "evil" and to talk bad about aboron is "evil". My question is, are we indeed fulfilling this very thing? Calling evil good and good evil? Or am I mistaken about this verse and perhaps it's speaking of something totally different.

One might wonder who the 'we' is there?

The USA?

Part and parcel of the Protestant denominations of Christianity in the US is this kind of assumption of the nation being of special significance to God, that the US is some kind of unique fulfillment of righteous Christianity, and that consequently God's going to be either mad or happy based on what policies the US - you see this kind of nonsense every time a disaster hits with televangelists telling their flocks that the disaster is indication of God's displeasure with homosexuality or some other idiocy like that. Nothing in the Bible supports the idea of any American Exceptionalism, and America's capitalist policies, despite being popular with the same right wing Protestant Christians, seems entirely contrary to every relevant statement Jesus made.

Of course, the reality actually is that for the majority of human history, abortion wasn't criminal in the first place. This is also true of Christian countries. It's only relatively recently that it was criminalized. In the US, for example, up until 1900, abortion was widely practiced so long as it was 'prior to quickening'.

Finally, you should actually look into the times the Bible mentions homosexuality or abortion. Most Christians are simply unaware that the Bible has basically nothing to say on either. While there are events in the Bible which include homosexuality, generally it doesn't appear to be homosexuality the writers have a problem with, but rather other corresponding acts. On abortion, the Bible has absolutely nothing to say whatsoever. What this tells us is that all the Christians of the last century or whatever that claimed homosexuality and abortion should be illegal because of justifications deriving from their beliefs were either wrong or lying - in reality, they were pretending that their political and social preferences were divinely mandated but had bugger all scriptural support for those positions.

So your idea doesn't really hold up to any form of wider historical context.

Homosexuality never was 'evil'; it's a completely natural facet of the biological world found in thousands of animal species.

Abortion never was 'evil'; it's necessary for women to be able to control the frequency of their pregnancies, particularly so in a time prior to modern availability of contraceptives.

Saying bad things about homosexuals or parents who aborted isn't 'evil' - it's just small-minded, irrational, and arrogant.

Evil isn't a 'thing' that can be attained or not attained, it's a judgment call of society - a moral line the majority conceives of as being one step beyond what could be forgiven or understood.

Finally, you have to understand that every verse in the Bible which suggests some indication of the dire state of 'present times' has been appealed to in every age by Christian zealots. The plasticity of interpretation, in my opinion, strongly counts against the supposed divine source of the text.


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Thanks Aron Ra. I never realized the arrogance that we as a nation have become. We indeed always tend to believe that everything is about us or is referring to us. This answer makes a lot of since, so i appreciate that as now I can eliminate this fallacy from my interpretation. I don't have any questions, however I do have somewhat of a request. I have watched an untold number of your Youtube videos (which are all amazing). I don't know if you have already made a video (and i just haven't found it yet) of this or not, but I was wondering if you had a video where you start from the beginning (Genesis) and go through all the main stories of the bible in order and show us where the writers of the bible borrowed the story from. For example, you talk about the 6 creative days and god rested on the 7th day. This was copied from a previous religion in where 6 sets of gods created each day so that way the last set of gods could rest on the 7th day. The main reason for changing the thought of 'gods' to 'god' was because the Abrahamic religions were all going towards monothestic and getting away from polytheistic. I know you have some videos that you touch on specific areas about this very thing (i.e. exodus story copied from a Babylonian story). However, just wanted to know if you have a video (or possibly make a video) that goes from beginning to end describing where each story was copied from. (I.e. creative days, garden of Eden, flood, exodus, Jesus story and any other big story that may have been copied from previous religions). I just think it would be awesome to be able to take someones bible and show them how and when every single story was copied or influenced from previous beliefs.

If this is something you have already done, can you please send a link to that video. Thanks Aron Ra for all your hard work, you have made a huge difference in my understanding and freed me from the yoke of religion.