WTH Is This: Oddball Youtube BS: Paranormal


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You know those videos or channels that you just stumble upon in middle of your search for lulz, etc? Well this series of threads will dissect (or lol at) those videos. I "stumble upon" one of these things, a few, in fact. These said things, promote or distribute paranormal bull all over youtube, and people eat it up! Don't believe me? Well have this one for a try!

And this one too!

And another one!

All from these channels!

Tell me what y'all think of this.

NOTE: This user does not and will not promote or endorse content of this kind. This is cancer and it needs to stop.


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No not really. I don't even promote these videos at all. In fact, I make it fairly clear that I belive that this is all bullsiht. While I do have my own youtube channel, this stuff is what I don't produce or consume at all.