Why I miss league of reason.

Led Zeppelin

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I'm kinda sad this site went down. Maybe I have always just been on all the wrong forums but I really think this was one of the best places where I could go to express myself and engage in real discourse. There was a certain purity to this forum that others didn't have. Though I disagree with most of the views that others hold here, I don't remember ever feeling like someone was trying to lie to me or intentionally spreading bullshit. They don't delete or edit your posts here like they might do on other forums. Yeah you might get banned for a while here if you are being a dick or whatever. But there was really a lot of freedom here.

We are Borg

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very one has different views that makes us unique, but also because of this we can discuss those views. There is much freedom on this forum but there is a limit what is and is not allowed. If i see porn posted that will get deleted because we want to be open for all ages. Because this is a discussion forum it would not work if we edit threads or delete even posts.

Well at least i got the forum working again and made changes to get it 100% working. I used to lurk on this forum when reading Aron's posts.