Whats your process?


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Everyone approaches video making from a different angle. Some meticulously plan all the details before opening the software whereas others (like myself) get a spark of an idea and do all the work inside the software. Now I'm not just talking about planning, but rather everything that you do to produce a video including generating and developing ideas, research, scripting, song selection, software use, choice of stimulation, etc. Take us through your process...


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Depends on the video, I'm a newbie so I'm always changing.

With my current video, I simply used some audio I already had recorded and added the interchanging images for each speaker.
As for videos I currently have planned, I've drawn up a few mind maps and rough storyboards whilst looking for a way to make something effectively.


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The videos I actually put effort into (only one ever actually made, plus one to be put up tomorrow (maybe)) I do as meticulously as possible. I go to the trouble of writing a script and last time I posted it on this forum to have it proof-read (in fact, I may do that this time). Having done that, I record and edit the audio in audacity, as it gives me plenty of options for putting music in and having it fade in and out etc.
The actual video part takes the least amount of time. I just go around, finding clips or pictures that look good, make slides on paint and then just mash them together in an appropriate manner with the audio.


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It depends on what kind of video I'm doing. If I'm doing a response video then I prefer to just record it as I think it.
But I do have a few things in the works which I am trying to put a lot of work in to, mostly just background research and scripting.
The problem with the second method for me is that my resources are extremely limited in both source and time, which is why I have a hell of a lot more "response" stuff out than the stuff I that I really want to release.


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I usually start with an idea about what I want the video to show. I run it through my head a few times and then try to pick a style of music that will go with the information.
Once this is done I source the video clips and put together a very rough video, this will usually be 4-5 times the length of the finished one.
Then I source music samples and start stiching them together. Once that is done I go back to the video clips and fit them to the music.
It is important that the music and video tell a narrative. I do my best not to present inaccurate causes and results, and that the timeline of the narrative is not sacrificed to effect and editing. This can take a while as at this time I am not making videos that feature me talking so I am not able to explain what I am showing, and can only hope that people pick up on it

Short version - idea - video - music - video