VyckRo in trouble.

It would appear he's being attacked by a group of Romanian Antisemites who has sent two false complaints against his channel.

This is part of a PM he sent me.

Vyck said:
These accounts originated three years ago, when a certain "girl" came into conflict with a certain "Jew"
She sent messages to everyone, but no one was moved, she began to load the most vulgar videos, with anti-Semitic contest, which abounded in words like ~dirty Jew" .
No one was impressed, even the few ~anti-Semitic", members of our community, that frequently criticized Israel, ~Bill Gates", ~microsoft" were detached from this group.
As the group could not impose themselves, they began to post insults on other Romanian accounts accused everyone that they are Jews slaves,
every time they caused a scandal on somebody page, the channel was to be suspended.

This happened on my channel:
Now They attacked me here:
Video ID: VCsFSHhWn8M
Removed due to a copyright claim by Victor Volman on Jun 29, 2011
The Soviet Story documentary Review - (VyckRo)
Video ID: rD5sQvOatNE
Removed due to a copyright claim by Victor Volman on Jun 29, 2011

It seems that there are from Romania or not (?), converts to Islam, have dozens of accounts, some are fake music channels, other are fake religion channels.
Almost weekly, they create a conflict with someone, spam someone's channel, accuse them that they are "false Christians", "false patriots" "Masons slaves", and so on. This week they reached me.
Their goal seems to be, to close as many decent channels as possible, and to replace them whit vulgare channel with anti-Semitic content:.
People are afraid to speak, so we do not know if this happens, only in the Romanian community

After a long discussion with them, I sent a message to them that we ( that is the romania youtube community ) we are not interested, in their conspiracy, so they suspended, several channels.
All old channels, which could upload long videos.

In the past they have suspended other channels , after a "conflict" with this group.

There are two things you can do, there were two or three people on yt, who have been involved in DMCA, in the past!
Help me get in touch with them
2) if I will be suspended and I will make a video, with this story I will need: one or two users to host my video whit this story

Do not come into contact with these channels!
I will try to resolve this issue alone ... for now

They have suspended even my The Soviet Story - trailer ( ten minutes) from the vyckr0 channel video

one of their accounts
see the facke picture in the background increases of 200x
(romaniei f...comments)
video blocked ...a line
there they claim to have been attacked by "Jews"
and so they justifies there anger

Yes i know it's VyckRo, and i know some of you do not like him very much, but still... regrdless of your opinion, it does not make it right for him to be targeted.