UFO. Starting with a working definition.


A UFO is a perfectly acceptable and demonstrable thing/term.

A UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) is, perhaps surprising to some, an object that flies but is unidentified. It can and is usually if not always natural.

Technically, if you throw a banana over someone’s garden and they didn’t quite catch (see) what it was as it passed, it is a UFO to them by definition. But we tend to use the term in connection with aliens, more as a possible sighting of something from another planet. This difference of definition or usage is not too helpful. For example, if an internet search is done for all UFO sightings, it might give many the impression that due to the sheer numbers, there is a stronger than usual likelihood that at least some are ET (Extra Terrestrial) and lead to more chance of groups and people who want to investigate them. They might (illogically) argue that with so many sightings, there must be some truth in it. Well there is, but the truth is merely that something unidentified was seen, not that something possibly ET had been witnessed.


An object that is not of this world but is located within the parameters of this world or its vicinity (until we get interplanetary rockets) and is not mere inorganic debris, such as a meteorite.

There are a lot of sites simply showing unusual lights or objects in the sky (or sometimes on land if they are lights on tall lamp posts) that are not pinned down with certainty as to what they are. Unless there is reason to even consider it to be ET, then these lie outside of this branch, but can be brought in if their status is changed or raised.

So, anyone have evidence of a UFO?