Translating native-tongue videos by native speakers of other languages


So there are a large number of native-tongue videos by native speakers of other languages, including many by native speakers of smaller languages with fewer (native) speakers. Those people, especially if they make all their videos in their respective native languages, could reach a lot more people if their videos are translated, this includes translating titles and descriptions.
In the case of video journals, where someone is speaking in front of a camera, this would mean captioning their videos, especially in English, the translated title noting that it's in some other language with subtitles and the translated description including a clear instruction to click for subtitles. The most likely reason they don't add subtitles themselves is that it can take a lot of time.

One reason why a native speaker of any of these languages might not want to make videos in English is simply that their English isn't good enough for it, this includes those with only a reading knowledge of English. If their English is good enough but they still make all their videos in their own language, I) it might simply be as unnatural for them to do it in English if they intend to reach their home audience and II) they would have to cut down the amount of native-tongue content they could release if they were to also make videos in English.

Voice-over videos would be translated simply by re-recording the commentary.

The thing is this: Some do allow community submissions of closed captions to their videos but even then, not many of their videos will be captioned in another language, such as English, not many people volunteer to translate. A lot of amateur video makers don't even have the funds to hire translators and not be prepared to pay, thinking that the community could do it for free.
The solution to this would be to form a translation committee with people who are happy to translate these videos and/or willing to pay for translation of these videos, they may even run their own crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for hiring translators.
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