The Video The Double Rainbow guy is trying to Censor


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When people use the term "Do you live under a rock?", he is what I imagine such a person would look like... And I spent a decade homeless and wandering...


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Shock News: Youtube Narcissists Do Something Laughable

A ground-breaking video was posted today depicting people who make Youtube videos acting like wankers.
Commentators have been reported as being "shocked" and "stunned" at this development.

"I'm shocked!" - Angelina Jolie
"I'm stunned!" - Pope Ratzinger
"Do you have any change for the parking meter?" - Wayne Rooney

It is feared that if this development continues unabated that Youtube may become a platform for egotistical, narcissistic, manipulative, dishonest, mendacious, unhinged and/or deeply malevolent people to vent their spleen, and conduct their machinations, although some say that it is impossible for human beings to be so base.

Law enforcement agencies believe a tough line must be taken to stamp this behaviour out. We asked Chief Constable W.I. Diot of the Kensington Roundhorn Police what he thought the correct course of action should be: "We should burn them all, and burn their faces first," he said, "and that's still better than they deserve..."

End report.