Sandy Hook Conspiracy


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A friend of mine was talking about this a few days ago, and I'm wondering what the not-crazy consensus is. My main argument against a lot of these claims, with the understanding that I did not know all the facts at the time, was that there was a lot of confusion amongst the media and incorrect information was being reported at the time, but the CTs treat every word reported, no matter when or by whom (including panicked children hours after the incident), as indisputable fact.

I'll take this moment to state I know next to nothing about guns, and have done very little research beyond the wiki page on the shootings and conspiracy theories, but here's my attempt to debunk the arguments presented in the video:

In the end, this smells exactly like Loose Change, cherry picked quotes and pictures without a shred of counterargument being acknowledged or offered, most of the evidence being the chaotic misconceptions and discrepancies. I don't want to throw my opinion into the argument, so I'll leave it at the video itself, but the main argument is that this was all staged (and includes the Aurora movie theater shooting as being falsified too, something new to me) in order to rally support for gun control laws. Makes sense, but then again, so does reacting to the many gun deaths by means of gun control.

The guy in the video is either delusional, and seriously thinks the shoddy investigation he made is concrete evidence, or he's just looking for attention from a crowd of people he knows will buy in to all of this. What do you chaps think?

edit: I realize, not being an expert investigator, that I may have missed a few things or got a few points wrong, so feel free to correct me or add in what you see.


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I was first made aware of this with a link to someone debunking it, and it was a good debunk at that. Short and to the point, destroying every single argument. When you take a look at the clip through the debunk video there's not a single thread of evidence that looks even plausible.

The problem was that I couldn't for the life of me remember how I stumbled upon that debunk. Maybe a conspiratorial plot is a foot, hiding the response.

There are several plainly dishonest pieces on that video, like the laughing parents(couldn't have just lost their girl, since they're laughing). It's basically quotemined, since in the full interview(or just the audio on, if I remember correctly) they've just been telling a story, reminiscing how their daughter loved to go to school and play and whatnot, evoking happy memories and they're obviously smiling remembering their daughter being happy. This fucking cuntnugget blames them for being actors because "no true, parent would laugh at a time like this". Yeah, and no family member tells a joke at a funeral. No close friend smiles at a fond memory of a lost one, ever.

Fuck this guy up his ear.


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Lallapalalable said:
Found this one. Nicely done, short, sweet, thorough and not so condescending as to appear provoking, plus sources.
The one I saw was similar, stretched out to about 8-10 minutes, with audio. Essentially the same details. But yeah, bull-to-the-shit, the whole conspiracy.


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I think its rather shameful that conspiracy theorists jump on tragedies like flies onto a turd just to further their agenda and get a name for themselves among their community and on the internet.

And their hounding and accusations of victims families and of witnesses is profoundly immoral. I mean if they did have some legitimate evidence why go about it using such despicable tactics? Surely if the evidence spoke for itself then they could push towards some sort of inquiry rather than pointing fingers and hounding people. I can't imagine how it must feel to have lost your child in such a way, only to then be harassed by paranoid geeks saying that you're an actor in some kind of sick plot to take away people's guns.

I don't think we should give any credence or sympathy to the views of these despicable conspiracy nuts.