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We all know rules are boring, but ask yourselves, what's a tyrannical dictatorship without rules? Chaos. And that simply won't do, because we mods rule with an iron fist!

Please speak English in these forums.

Breaking the rules will result in a caution and thread-lock. Repeat offenses will be met with a permanent ban. You have been warned.

Strict guidelines:-
  • DO NOT post racist, sexist or homophobic remarks.
  • DO NOT bully other users or make physical threats.
  • DO NOT post links to or discuss illegal downloads.
  • DO NOT disseminate other users' personal information.
  • DO NOT post pornographic material (or anything that could be seen as such).
  • DO NOT post spam.
  • DO NOT advertise services or products for sale (unless given permission).
  • DO NOT self promote (unless given permission)
  • DO NOT disrespect family/friends of users (zero tolerance policy, 7 day ban repeat and its permanent)

General tips:-
  • Be civil and polite to other users, even when you really disagree with them! Mutual respect is important.
  • Do not create huge signatures with lines of images. It means more scrolling, and that's not fair on our poor mouse wheels and trackpads. If your sig is any bigger than the one on this post, it's too big. If your sig disappears, it was deleted for being too big. If you repost it, you'll annoy other users and the mods. This will result in an eSlap.
  • If a thread is clearly going to be locked, don't spam it with remarks like "This thread is going to be locked". You're just bumping a crappy thread.
  • If you're not sure where something should go, post it in General Discussion.
  • You aren't a moderator, and acting like one isn't cool.
  • You can swear all you like, but targeting abuse at an individual will be treated as bullying.
  • Ban jumping when temp banned will lead to a permenant ban. Don’t be an idiot.
  • Make your thread titles relevant to the content.
  • Search the forums before posting news articles to cut down on copypasta.
  • If you want a thread to be stickied, include "Sticky please" in the title. If it doesn't get stickied, it isn't worthy. Deal with it.
  • If you feel your thread is NSFW, warn people in the title.
  • Think before you do anything illegal. We will work with the authorities for great justice.
  • Generally being excessively crude, irritating or attempting to troll for lulz may get you banned at the discretion of the moderators. Respect their decisions, they are only enforcing the rules. You can appeal a ban, but we will be checking logs to assess your offense, so don't try to lie about it.

If you have any issues or suggestions, there is a place for them here. If you have any questions about the forums, post them in this thread but please, read the FAQs first!

Behave people! :mrgreen:

-LoR Team
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