Robert M. Price bit of controversy- Can anyone confirm?

So I'm in a few groups for people who enjoy fantasy and science fiction books. Today someone post the link below. Basically, there is an anthology being put together and several of the authors have pulled their work after seeing the forward written by one Robert M. Price who is also the editor. It apparently had some questionable views in it. That's not really for me to say I guess. My question is of course is this the same RMP we know from his work in New Testament studies? From his own website he has at least some interest in Lin Carter who was putting the thing together. The initial article lists RMP as the executor for Carter's work and Carter's wiki does indeed link to RMP. So it appears he's stepped into a bit of controversy at the least. That is assuming it's the same RMP and the wiki is correct.


His website where he lists being a fan of Lin Carter:

Wiki which links RMP as executor:
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Wow. It seems you are almost certainly right. Multiple paragraphs and the book list in wikipedia all independently seem to confirm this. If you cited this and are wrong, you certainly woldn't be criticised for it. And the historical overlap. It all fits/makes sense. Just my observations (no expertise) and a sci-fi/sword and sorcery fan.