Prophetic Failures


The way science works is as an investigation, NOT a belief. We propose hypotheses which must be testable and potentially falsifiable, meaning there is some way to prove it wrong, if it is. There is no way to prove it right, because declaring anything to be the absolute truth tends to close our minds, so that we stop learning. If a hypothesis is effectively proven by an overwhelming preponderance of evidence beyond reasonable doubt, we still can't say that it is proved. Instead it is elevated to theory, which can still be disproved, at least hypothetically. If it is true, then future experiments or discoveries should show this predicted result. If it's false, then we'll get some other unexpected result instead. That will prove it wrong.

The way religion works is to just make up whatever you want to make-believe and then pronounce your prophesies with stoic confidence BUT blindly ignore absolutely every single time that every one of those predictions always only ever fail.

Most of these idiots claiming that God spoke to them cannot be honest enough to admit that either God was wrong or that they were wrong in their belief that God was talking to them. They can't admit that because religion is all about make-believe, and they have to keep believing, even when they know it's not really true.

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