Pastor Davids cult minions are on a flagging campaign


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Ive gotten 2 vids hit with DMCAs and a total of 6 vids taken down due to that or some kind of violation of TOS, Ive got lots more coming up

Pastor David Grisham is the cult leader from Repent Amarillo, ( He's been on all kinds of news channels including CNN, and just loves the attention ... well until it calls him out on his hypocrisy and hateful nature.

My AtheistAtLARGE channel is under an adminstrative lock, I wont hit the button to allow me in, Im trying to get the block removed with various campaigns, so Im using the DEBATE FAITH channel, something thats been around but not used ...

Ive uploaded 4 parts of 6 of an interview I did with pastor davie, I remade the vids without any content from the pastors repent site, so now he cant DMCA them again.

This account has one CG strike against it so far, and Im expecting more soon.

Pastor davie is just trying to censor opposition, just like he closed down a swingers club, he's trying to use what ever tactic he can to shut down his opposition, its up to everyone that sees this and agrees that his actions need attention to show his nazi like ways

Please make this video VIRAL, Id use it from my channel but YT has been processing it for the last hour, curiously ...

It seems that AW has someone else's video being mirrored that also has problems with davie, please check that video out as well, we need to fill our channels and call this guy out on his hate speech and nazi censorship


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Perhaps it should be brought to davids attention that False Flagging is a form purgery,
A punishable offense in the united states....

And since you know who is responsible, or at least who is indirectly responsible you may wish to bring this to his attention.
I don`t think he would want his cult to be tied up with legal complications such as these.