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Recently I've been reading couple articles from 'Evolutionnews' on the evolution of Fractal Designs in Plants. They argue that the emergence of these patterns in nature is unexplained by Evolutionists, and that there is a known cause that can produce such patterns 'Intelligence'.

Well I'd agree that intelligent agents surely can create Fractal Designs, however they aren't the only known causes. Apparently the people at 'Evolutionnews' are completely unaware that we've observed the emergence of Fractal Designs during the evolution of Brassica Oleracea.

After the wild Brassica had been cultivated into it's many forms over thousands of years, Farmers in Italy back in the 16th century began crossing Broccoli with Cauliflowers and gave rise to the Romanesco Broccoli. PhotoGrid_1583974376264.jpg

The evolution of the Romanesco Broccoli is a wonderful example of how Evolution can give the appearance of design in biology. I guess it would have been an inconvenience to 'Evolutionnews' to mention this fact, because it demonstrates that Evolution can naturally produce the exact same thing they're arguing it couldn't do.

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