My perspective on atheism


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To be without theism isn’t to not have anything. Quite the contrary. If you want to say to be without theism, that is to say atheism, is a religion, I counter with this: read what I wrote below, then find out if what I said is true or not. Then come back. Do you think what you found would be significantly changed in any way whether you believe in a god or not?

I have a map. Driving north for 8 hours gets me to Washington, D.C.. I get to hang out at a cool place, with the added bonus of being able to measure the height of the shadow of a foot long stick placed on the ground, perpendicular to the ground Comparison of the difference in length shows the difference in latitude north of the equator. Not possible on a flat Earth.
Nuclear reactions of U^235 is sustained by slowing fast moving neurons. This is possible by something similar to the billiard ball effect with water; where a neutron bumps into a Hydrogen atom, and slows the neurons down enough for a sustained nuclear reaction. So thus we can deduct that Hydrogen atoms are not significantly heavier than the neutrons it’s being bombarded with.
Void coefficient- The greater the amount of reactivity that you get from a decrease of water is a positive void coefficient, with the opposite being a negative void coefficient Chernobyl was extremely high, and Three Mile Island was an extremely low one. Three Mile Island a suck valve, inaccessible controls, and a faulty sensor. While Chernobyl was done on the cheap. They should have used Titanium for the tips of the Boron control rods, or Graphite rods at least twice the length of the reactors. Thus eliminating voids, and ensuring that the rods have guided rods don’t jam up when the AZ5 button was hit. This flaw was evident in the 1976 partial meltdown of the RBMK type reactor at Leningrad. Entirely avoidable.
The Elephant’s Foot in the room. The resultant leftovers of the core meltdown, called corium, was lethal enough to where standing in direct sight of it for 100 seconds, would render you dead where you stood. Now, you can stand there, five minutes before you die. But, something interesting is happening. There’s gamma radiation feeding fungus growing inside the sarcophagus of Reactor #4. How would a fungus normally found on the International Space Station be found in what is essentially a covered hole in the ground? This kind of fungus would not have enough gamma radiation in the atmosphere to survive.

My position is to go out, read and understand the reality of the physical world we live in, and not be hindered by the need to study the written work of people thousands of years long dead. That the world is rich and beautiful in it’s vast complexity already observed. I enrich my life by bringing myself to a greater understanding of the world I actually live in, rather than one that doesn’t have any tangible evidence of existence


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It’s funny that reproducing religious experiences can be mostly easily reproduced with psychotropic drugs. Honestly, if anesthesia wasn’t in the Bible, it would probably be banned too. This has nothing to do with physical impairment to intoxication ratios because alcohol is one of the worse is legal (alcohol), and the one that has one of the highest rates rates of addiction (nicotine). These things are legal are the things that don’t cause problems in society. Take two things that are illegal as a substance and legalize them. Criminalize alcohol and tobacco. You will see two things
1) criminal behavior caused by use of the substance drops. Not by a little, but a lot.
2) criminal activity for the criminalized substance increases exponentially
We already have a case study with American prohibition. We watched as alcohol went from legal to illegal, then back to legal again. We know it doesn’t work. So what do we do? Change. Our laws evolve. Much like we did.
Our laws evolved. Yes, and they should, though an index law should be written in four languages, so we can index the translations against the other, so not to lose the internet of the law by language drift.
We are innocent until proven guilty, and the law determines what is right and what is wrong, not some deity. Your salvation gets you nothing in the real world. Though, there is money in deceiving people. Religious people are called sheep, because they are treat like sheep. Yet also turn around and hate social services because why should they be given free money, right?


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I do feel hard done by given how hard I tried as a youth to throw open the doors of perception, and yet no disembodied entities ever graced me with their presence, and I wasn't even atheist! :(

I have no idea how anyone on ayahuasca comes away thinking 'that insane shit I just experienced, it must be true!'


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It’s solipsistic to think that if it doesn’t happen to you that it doesn’t happen to anyone


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Magnets, actually! Big fucking magnets.