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My Brand-New Atheist-Themed YouTube Channel


New Member
I was quite pleased to hear that this site was back up again! Much has happened since I last logged in, but one of the most recent and relevant developments is that I finally caved to a long-standing aspiration of mine to join the YouTube atheist community as something more than a lurker who posts often verbose comments whenever he can't resist giving his two cents! I've finally decided to throw my hat into the ring and experiment with a more engaging outlet for my thoughts, for whatever they may be worth! I've actually been on YouTube for about a decade at least, and I have over 3,000 subscribers, but that channel is primarily for my song translations and other language-related content. My separate channel for atheist content is not even a month old, and it's very humble at the moment. I have no idea how successful it will be, but I think it's worth trying out anyway, and I'm hoping it will grow as I continue to find my own niche and style. The first three videos (not counting my self-introduction) address the themes of morality, female modesty, and in my first-ever response video, a critique of Abby Shapiro's call for conservative women to "take back the culture." If anyone's interested, please do check it out, and if you like what you see/hear, please consider subscribing and/or leaving a comment! As a preview, I leave you with my channel trailer and my most recent video (the response to Abby Shapiro). I welcome any feedback, be it positive or constructively critical.