Martymer 81, Spirit Science, and Vegans


I've been a viewer of Martymer 81's content for the last 3-4 years. Great channel, addresses lots of pseudoscientific nonsense from Creationism to a New Age-esque channel known as "Spirit Science" – a channel he's been making response videos to for the last 4 years. He's slowed down on the Spirit Science responses lately in favor of a "Fallacy of the Week" series he started some time ago, and before that, responses to written works he's either encountered on his own or introduced to by one or more of his viewers.

At the end of August, Martymer uploaded the following video responding to Spirit Science on the topic of... well, diet and nutrition, apparently.

Martymer prefers to respond to several Spirit Science videos at once these days, so if you want to watch the source videos for context, that could take a while. Here are the links; they can also be found in Martymer's description, as is standard for his content.

Toward the end of September, another YouTuber going by the handle of "Unnatural Vegan" uploaded the following response to Martymer's video.

To the best of my knowledge, Martymer has not responded to this video in any fashion. He may not even be aware it exists. If he is aware, he does not appear to be interested in responding for the time being.

I don't expect any of you to have any specialization in nutrition or anything. That's not why I brought this here, though if any of you do happen to have any expertise in the field, commentary would be appreciated; I otherwise could track down an expert myself to ask if I find myself curious. I'm more interested in verifying the integrity of UV's representation of Martymer's position, as well as Martymer's representation of the Spirit Science channel's position.

I think UV comparing Martymer's skepticism of Spirit Science's choice of sources to a conspiracy theorist is misleading. In the Spirit Science videos Martymer is responding to, Jordan (well, his crew, anyway) cited the work of the man who wrote The China Study, T. Colin Campbell, PhD. Dr. Campbell sits on the advisory board of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, or PCRM for short. As Martymer points out in his video, this organization is listed as a "questionable organization" by Quackwatch, an international network of people dedicated to examining health-related misinformation. Martymer points out that sources associated with PCRM alone are not good enough to constitute support for Spirit Science's claims on the matter; this organization has a clear bias and independent verification will be needed.

As for how vegans fit into all of this... well, the line of reasoning Martymer follows in his video addressed to Spirit Science seems to conclude that Spirit Science is generating vegan propaganda. UV points out that they are not, at least not in a consistent manner; she plays a clip during one of the videos where Spirit Science says "do what works for you" (paraphrasing). When the ethics of eating meat comes up, she explains that meat as a food source is very inefficient and unnecessary in today's world unless you're living in an environment where you really don't have much in the way of a choice in the matter. Honestly, I do believe this may be a compelling argument, though I don't expect my eating habits to change overnight, and I will have to further examine the evidence to be certain it holds water; for that, I need to consult some experts.