Labour & Anti-Semitism


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Living overseas, I have really struggled to understand this trainwreck that's played out over a couple of years.

All the bits I've seen suggests that it's just another iteration of criticism of Israel's actions and its policies - or failure to engage in full-throated support of Israel's actions and its policies - being deflected by tossing out anti-Semitism as the motivation.

But even after Labour signed up in full to the UNHRC statement (which I consider to be a worryingly censorious doctrine provoking genuine concern that doesn't automatically indicate any degree of hatred for Jews whatsoever), they still haven't managed to shake this off.

Now a bunch of Labour MP's have quit (some who are on record being critical of Israel's policies), partly due to Labour's stance on Brexit, but also citing anti-Semitism, so I am beginning to think there must be more components to this than I am aware of.

I know Corbyn spoke at an event which also included a guy who'd made Holocaust Denial statements, and there's the painting which included dog-whistle imagery of Jewish bankers. Both of these seem easily explicable without considering the leader of a major British party to be a closet racist. At worse, the latter may indicate some kind of implicit bias Corbyn's unaware of, but which isn't necessarily overt or translatable into policy.

I also wonder how one of the departing MP's can consider their ex-party anti-Semitic when they are themselves Jewish - surely institutional anti-Semitism would have meant they'd never have had the support of the party in the first place?

I just can't get my head round this at all being so far removed from it. Anyone been following this closely enough to offer me some enlightenment?