JFK Assination


On Nov. 22 2013 it will be fifty years since J.F.K. was assassinated in Dallas. This week Ape Not Monkey is running a series on what was published in the Christchurch Star.

This is at least one conspiracy theory regarding the assassination I haven't heard about. Any other ones out there? Of ccourse if you guess the right one expect a visit from the Bavarian Illuminati, the Men in Black and/or the NSA in short order.



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There's a documentary suggesting that George Bush Sr was the figure on the grassy knoll fulfilling his initiation into a secret fraternity.
I think you can find it on Google Video. Hilarious stuff.

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Barack Hussein Obama and his Atheomuslim Zionist pals were behind it.

It was just the start of a chain of events orchestrated by the Masonic Atheist Jew cartel including: the Gulf of Tonkin false flag operation, the civil rights movement, the six day war,the Soviet invasion of afghanistan, the Iran-Iraq war, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and Benghazi then culminating in Obama stepping out from the shadows after all these decades to bring America to its' knees with communism before the final FEMA Holocaust begins.

All the pieces are there, you just have to SEE!