It's time for a step up from Windows Movie Maker...


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I can't do it anymore... Can someone recommend another program that has a good selection of features? WMM got old after the first week and I want to start doing some more advanced effects. I'd prefer something free/open source if there's anything good :D



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Personally I use Corel VideoStudio 12 and it sucks cos I have no idea how to make widescreen videos and it's impossible to multitask with because it fills the screen and takes ages to switch from or to.

So I'm also searching for a decent video editor, avoid Corel VideoStudio 12. :lol:


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RE: Open source video editors

They're shit, unfortunately. If you have the nous, a worthy use of someone's time would be to contribute to one like Pitivi. They have nothing yet (except cutting/splicing) and really need help...

Kdenlive is the most feature full one, but it crashes whenever it's bored or you want to save something. Don't know what it's like under windows, though; you probably have to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow or something.


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Good news, everyone!

Lightworks, the (academy and emmy) award winning video editor, is having its source code freed by its new parent EditShare, so come Q3, expect great things* :D

*not from me or anything, but spread the word.


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Yay! Award-winning video editor Lightworks will be out (hopefully) at the end of the year for GNU/Linux lusers, and all seven Macophiles.

Q1 & Q2 2011
  • Blackmagic Design I/O Support
    AJA I/O Support
    DVS I/O Support
    AVC-Intra Support
    XDCAM HD / EX Support
    Performance Improvements for Long GOP Formats
    Export Options for DVD and BluRay
    Advanced Stereoscopic Adjustment Toolset
    Advanced RED Toolset
    Titling Tool
    Further Timeline Enhancements (Mute, Trimming etc)

Q3 2011
  • Interoperability Improvements with AAF and XML
    New Effects
    Audio Plugins
    Further Integration with Flow

Q4 2011
  • File Delivery
    Remote Editing
    Sync Group Improvements
    Full 64 bit Support
    Linux and OSX Support

It's already available in beta for all you Windows license holders (and pirates) out there. Download.