How to download youtube ? Asking 4 sum assistance ...

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I couldnt find it so quickly in the forum.

If it has been asked before, I am sorry to double post.

But I am using a free program to download youtube. Unfortunately the result is in MP4 QuickTime ...
I got that program from ... it is called "Free YouTube Download v2.5.10.119"

I try converting it to Windows Media format using yet another free downloaded program called "QUick Media COnverter Next Generation HD - v4.0.0.20"

But after converting it ... and then importing it in my video-editor (Magix Video Deluxe 2007) ... My vid-editor says there is no sample. I can only hear the audio, and see one frame of the video.

-- On Note: after converting it to WMV ... it does play in Media Player ... but after importing it to Magix Video Editor 2007 ... it says there is no sample data. --
-- So the issue might not be the down loader directly ... but the converter I am using --
-- However ... I do get an error while downloading from youtube ... so it might still be the downloader and not the convertert. --
-- I think using a error free downloader might solve the issue --

I have no idea what I am doing wrong. (yeah well xcept using free programs ... ).

Anyway ...

I have a self bought Fraps version, .... but Downloading youtube video's that way will take to long ... as I want to be able to download while doing other things at the same time.

Anyone know of a (free) program, that I could use to download from youtube ... and which will put the download directly in usable MediaPlayer compatible format? (instead of irritating MP4)

Your assistance would be most welcome.

... and sorry if this has been asked before.

Most respectfull,
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I have used the Firefox add on "Download helper" which can download and convert as well as a program called "Super by erightsoft" I have heard some negative comments about it, but have experienced none myself, make sure you get it from the home site if you do.
KeepVid works great. It lets you directly download from YouTube servers. No need to "wait" for conversion or anything like that. Also it provides links to all available formats and qualities (even HD).

If you want a software, you can try Any Video Converter Free. It is mainly a video converter (a simple, free and good one), and it also lets you download and convert videos from YouTube, Google and NicoVideo.

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If you can, use the "DownloadHelper", its an addon for the FireFox, its very good because you can use to download a video from almost any site, and it downloads on the original format of the video, so the youtube video come on the FLV format.