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Gay Scientists Isolate the Christian Gene

Do you think it would be a good idea to isolate the christian gene?

What would happen if it is isolated?

What will it's effect be towards the future generation?

lrkun said:
Do you think it would be a good idea to isolate the christian gene?

What would happen if it is isolated?

What will it's effect be towards the future generation?
Perhaps. Probably not. Benefits are maybe obvious, so here are some detriments:

Christian parents (with the denero) might opt to make sure their kids will have it before conception, possibly through invitro fertilization of choice sperm and/or eggs, therefore more or less removing the element of ex-christian atheists. We may even lose the influx of these converts and the atheist thinking pool will stagnate slightly, but not deteriorate. Just lose another unique facet to the whole.

Athiest parents, on the other hand, may choose to run the other way, making sure there is no chance they will have christian children. This downside would be the lack of christians raised in an atheist family setting (and visa versa), lowering tolerance levels between the groups to near breaking.

Of course, this is all just speculation based on no data or evidence whatsoever. ;)
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The laugh was the clip's shot at the bedrock of Christian homophobia: namely that homosexuality is a behavior and as a behavior it can be changed, or cured in Fundy parlance.

But, if the elusive gay gene, a hereditary factor, is found then all Christian bets are off in the behavior department.

The bigger question is, "So what if homosexuality is just a behavior like, say, Christianity?" The clip's hidden message is that if a "behavior" like homosexuality can be "cured" then so can Christianity. But if there's a Christian gene, then Fundamentalism isn't a behavior, it's a brithright!
And that would be scary :?
However, there are many ex christians, so that shows that it isnt a trait, but how many ex homosexuals are there?
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how many ex homosexuals are there?
It happens, just as heterosexuals are known to switch later in life. How many there are would be interesting to know but this data is difficult to sort out from all the religious and the gay misinformation on the Net. All I have is anecdotal, though first-hand, information from people who have switched one way and the other. One friend in particular has switched four times yet she does not self-identify as bi-sexual. For what it's worth, she maintains that she's either been one or the other, never both simultaneously. Gender simply doesn't seem to be a factor when she falls in love.

There also seems to be a strange political wind blowing over switching. When someone switches from hetero to homo we hear that "they were always that way and are just now coming out." But three separate acquaintances -- one male and two female -- who made the homo-to-hetero switch (all on their own and none driven to "escape" homosexuality) complained about being ostracized by their former gay/lesbian pals for "going straight." Go figure.

There's also a "bi-curious" niche often made up of one or both heterosexual partners who do not identify as gay or lesbian, but are down for a homosexual romp now and again, almost as if they were merely mounting a different ride at life's sexual theme park.
So what if a few die in clinical trials. Mice are expensive and it's not like they're real people... I mean, wearing a suit and tie on your day off and what about all that "side-hugging?" eeeeewww.

It just isn't normal. :lol: