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This is kind of an iffy, since FVH was always in a legal gray area. FVH, for those who don't know, was a massive collection of fundamentalist videos that I made almost 3 years ago to archive videos from creationists that were taken off of youtube, as well as a place where commentary was unbiased.

Yesterday, after a month of not checking, I try to go online (since FVH is where I kept playlists of Thomas the Tank Engine for my kid) and I find it terminated, with the DMCA issuer to be the Northwest Creation Network, who owns the rights to the Seattle Creation Conference. Here's the legal gray area and why the termination was unfair: NWCN offers all the SCC videos on their website for free, however, they are embedded terribly and more often than not freeze any browser I use. Since other users had the videos on their channels as well, I felt that it was okay to host them, as long as I didn't take the best quality.

I can't do a counter DMCA since, again, they own the rights. However, I need you guys to write them an email asking why they filed DMCAs against my channel and not others who have them, like:

If it was my channel name that upset them, fine, but then the DMCA was unnecessary since they could have just asked because they objected to the channel name.

If it was a legitimate DMCA, then they need to issue takedown notices to those other channels. If they refuse, then it's most likely because those channels are biased towards creationists, where mine was entirely neutral.

If it was a false DMCA, then they might tell me.

I think it would be better if you guys asked as well, getting multiple responses would help a lot, plus I don't know if I could maintain civility. This has really bummed me out.

Furthermore, I plan on restoring it at some point. I need name suggestions, FundieVideoArchive? CreationVideoArchive? VideosForCreation?


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'Tis a shame, I watched a lot of those videos and know not too many are otherwise available. I'll write to them, and try to keep it chill and non-challenging. Would you object to my referring them to this thread? Perhaps if I catch them in a receptive mood (holding my breath.... now!), they'd agree to communicate all civil like.

As for a name suggestion, how about "FundieVideoHeaven?" Seems to give them no reason at all to disagree with it ;)


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Is there any reason why the content creators can't choose where their videos are hosted? If they approve of having these videos on certain channels but not on others I think they can choose to do that.

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Unfortunately, they are in full rights to choose who can and can't reproduce their materials unless it was explicitly labeled "open source and free for reproduction."


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Got a reply:
Northwest Creation Network said:

Regardless of their justifications for doing so, the person in question should have simply asked for our permission before uploading our videos. Although we make them available for free download, we would not have allowed a site with the purpose of attacking Christian materials to use them.

It certainly was not our intent for his site to be terminated, and we did first attempt to contact the person directly to have our videos removed, but contacts had been blocked.

Although copyright violations on YouTube are commonplace, that doesn't make it right. Personally I think that if people don't stop the abuse, the government will eventually come in a shut down site entirely like they did Napster and others where the law was being routinely broken in this way.

Best regards,

There was nothing after the "Best regards," line, so, I guess nobody actually regarded me, no matter the quality promised.

I can only picture either an overweight blonde woman or near-elderly underweight man with coke-bottle glasses writing this. Not sure why, perhaps because they shut down your site. I also liked their insistence that your site's purpose was to attack their beliefs, despite my assurance otherwise no less than twice. Maybe the repetition made me look like I doth protest too much. And did you block their site? I don't see why you would without remembering or mentioning so, so I assume they just never heard back from you during your hiatus and assumed you were reading their messages and laughing maniacally with disdain. If there ever were messages. Oh well, nothing more than I expected, to be honest, and I doubt any further communication will yield much better. Just to see, though, I will send along the names of those other sites that are hosting the vids, but I'm sure the reply will be like "Oh, they asked already" or "They're pro-Christian, they can host them. We gave them Moses-level clearance for all materials." I dunno, worth a gander.

Ah, I almost forgot, I love the last sentence. I can't tell if he/she means shutting down YouTube (good fucking luck), or what they say to mean channel. Perhaps if anybody is able to make bittorrents of the videos in question we can send them a link to TPB and perhaps get some new material for their "Legal Threats" section :lol: