Four Horsemen (NOT Atheism)


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I have delayed posting this, because I have felt a nagging feeling for some time that I've already posted this somewhere. Perhaps it was in the LoR Chat. I have ran a search back through my history, and there is no evidence that I have ever mentioned this before. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong...

I encountered a seemingly fascinating upcoming documentary, that shares some familiar sentiments. It has nothing to do with the group of Atheists with the same name, but features some other familiar faces like Noam Chomsky, among other modern economical and political enthusiasts. When the film is released, it promises to be a highly interesting and invigorating one.

Have a look:
Four Horsemen

What do guys think of this? Do you think e.g. economic stuff is in actual fact far simpler than pretended??

For more on the film, see their YT Channel. Here.


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looks good, ill be on the lookout to illegally download it asap, or possibly see it at a cinema if it gets screened nearby.

is economics simpler than it is pretended ....? what do you mean? whats the simple layout of economics?

quite liked Gillian Tett (from the FT).....according to her ....the ruling class remain in power because they control the 'cognitive map' the way we think and not the a very small degree yes in terms of capitalist ideology but that all goes to shit when their is a capitalist crises...e.g a lot of Americans know now that the american dream is an american illusion, a fantasy and a lie. and of course their 'control of the way we think' is in order for them to remain in power...that is remain in control of the means of production....

anyway, looks like this could be better than The Corporation, which was pretty good.