ESP. Starting with a working definition.

ESP, is a perfectly acceptable and demonstrable thing.

With ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), one’s usual understanding of this term is related to psychic or supernatural phenomena. But many people have heightened sensory organs or (perhaps due to a lack of other senses) utilise the ones they have, beyond what we ordinarily do, and they may seem to be more sensory (or, ‘gifted’). Also, there are more than 5 senses, so if the (ESP) term did or does relate just to the primary 5 senses, then we are merely referring (ESP) to the natural senses outside of the common ones talked about. And of course there are magicians who do tricks to make people believe that something is happening by unknown means, perhaps with the deliberate implication that it is not of this world or unexplained to science. And if it makes them some money or fame or trick society or the media, it’s a bonus. Mind reading or moving objects with the power of the mind are of course well know magicians tricks.

It might do well to define for the purposes of this forum/discussion, as we probably are not interested in something that is known and natural (like a known sense or charlatan).

With that in mind, and aside from dictionary definitions, perhaps we could use something like the following description:


An act or ability that exceeds scientific understanding (or known sensory knowledge) but that can be tested under double blind test conditions with ruling out certain options.

So, if a test were undertaken on a blind or properly blindfolded person to ascertain whether they could read or see something without seeing, with all trickery ruled out, then this would pass the test of ESP, even though it could simply be a sense as yet unknown or a trick.

Whilst charlatans are widespread, they are magicians and do not belong here, but ones of particular interest may be considered for novelty sake, e.g. popular talked about videos. Things like moving book pages or match boxes on a table or seeing through a blindfold are typical examples.

So, anyone have evidence of ESP?