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I'm not sure if my donation went through. I paid by PayPal, the process all went along as expected, but then after a page saying 'please wait a bit' this is what I got:


Did it work? I can't actually check that particular account at the moment as my PIN Guard's batteries are dead.


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It did that with me too but it did go through,

Ok, cool!

I also had an email confirmation

Ahh yes, well my payment method doesn't happen to be tied to an email account I've had since the Palaeozoic and subject to every single spam, phishing trawler, and Nigerian royalty ever conceived in human history... so I will just... er... go and... um find that email and check.

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I just donated 5 bucks. I dont even know what the phylogeny explorer is. Hopefully it helps to keep this forum going. Good luck.