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Debate on a forum


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I've recently been having a debate on a forum in which I'd be considered one of the "regs". These discussions rarely go on on this forum (which I think is for the better), but when one does come up I can't help but get involved when someone posts something that I find to be in error. Anyway, since I don't do debates that often I was wondering if I could get some feedback here or even some general thoughts on the whole discussion which can be found here: http://mgsforums.com/topic/7487314/1/

The discussion I'm talking about is kinda taken off-topic from the original topic and doesn't really start until page 3 where this happens:
doubleo sigint said:
Atheist are just as close minded all this scientific proof of no God and so on, how many Atheist's can claim they really understand it all to it's full extent? Probably not alot, yet they'd rather just believe what they can see with their own eyes WELL FUCK ME WHAT IF YOU WERE BORN BLIND YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE IN SHIT BUT PITCH BLACKNESS!!?
So I responded with:
Sword said:
I've never met an atheist who claims there is any proof that any gods don't exist.
After that my main opponents become the users Jaron and kappy0405, and towards the end jc55. As of now I've ended my participation in the discussion, but it goes on to page 4 and I'd like to know if my logic failed anywhere or how I could've been more clear (because I was accused of being too vague a couple of times). What's interesting about this discussion is that none of the main participants are theists either.