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I want to talk about an idea that i have. There is an add-on for Xenforo called Crowd Moderation its has the ability to allow users to correct other users. It works with a point system we had issues last time with people disrespecting family or friends *SD* and me need to see this and read it all. But with this system its easier users see what is happening and react with redacting points from the user after x points taken the software reacts and counters the abusive user lets say put his contributions in moderation queue. Misuse of the system can also be dealt with, but remember this is a two edged sword if you are abusive or go against the rules its fair game.

What do you think of this idea its a fun system to keep users inline.

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Is there a particular one you have in mind? Or perhaps you haven't decided on one yet?

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From what I can see this is just granting more power against those that dissent.

Under the context of the threads I create and where the most disagreement nd bickering is it would essential grant those against me the most power simply because those oppose want to bicker and not remain on topic.

It will encourage an echo chamber provided there isn't any checks or balances to the system.

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The worst what can happen is that posts are going to the moderation queue. After that an admin has final say and we can limit the use of the system if needed. But on the other hand if people troll users can stop the troll. Only admins/moderator have the right to ban someone or to delete posts that is not a user call to make.