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Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

That is sad to hear, but not surprising. When we have governments of professional politicians, the needs of the people will always come second to the need for re-election. Opposition parties are no different. They criticize the government and say all the right things, until they get in power. Then they're focus again becomes staying in power.

We also have a multi-party system in Canada. (It's a bit strange with one of the major parties only representing one province.) Currently, we're in a situation of having a coalition between the Liberal (centrist party) and NDP (leftist party). It has been the best thing for us. More has been done for people in the last while than in decades, just because the governing Liberals have to give in to some of the demands of the NDP who are doing their best to curry favour with voters.

However, pandemic overspending (to help businesses stay solvent and keep workers out of the poorhouse) and the subsequent inflation has upset people. The Conservative party (far right) is working hard on taking advantage of all that to position themselves as the best choice to fight high prices and inflation. And I expect they will win the next election, despite their long-standing record of ignoring people and giving money and tax incentives to big business.
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Our party system is the country it self so you’ll vote on a party member that is all counted towards the party then they count for member so if people vote for the fifth member on the list he gets in before the other four unless you get more votes. Our system is complex you’ll need around 6500 votes to get one seat.

The government has the following issues:

-the surcharge affair they needed new laws and adjustments of old once, after 18 to 24 months no action taken not one law adjusted.
-Groningen gas (drilling for gas causes earthquakes and they continue to drill) houses are badly damaged and they are trying to give money for repairs but damages above 40K they will go to the judge and into special system taking money and time away from the injured party. If out come is not what they expect the government goes into appeal.
- Limburg floods happened December 2021 still not all damages paid and they needed new systems to keep it from happening well still not done.
- Nitrogen crises because of the EU all countries needed to take measures by setting limits. Our government was sleeping in basic chemistry it seems they set the limit at 0,007 mol per 100x100 meters. Now if a goose flies over and takes a dump at that 100x100 meters then you will go over the 0,007 mol. For comparison Germany and Belgium have above 17 mol per 100x100 meters. So the government by setting the value so low they created a nitrogen crisis and because of rules we can‘t change it. Now farmers needs to go so we get below the 0,007 mol, but even if you remove them all you can’t make it. So the government is damaging are food security we can’t produce our own food.
- Last year after elections because of the surcharge affair we needed a new government but the parties that where talking where blaming Pieter Omtzigt (he and some one else uncovered this injustice) but instead of letting it be he was very popular and still is got so many votes that the party got 5 to 6 seats because of him. What did the parties do they where talking how to govern but in a paper that the press toke a photo of they saw a sentence “Pieter Omtzigt function elsewhere” they did not want him back. Pieter dropped his party and is now a party of one. But it gets worse the parties involved lied about stuff and that is coming to light this week and last week.

We have even more issues like this the nitrogen crisis is expected to give a crisis in the governments parties one party is losing in the polls so many seats that they will only get a few. To give an example we have 150 seats majority is 76 the 4 party government has 76 seats atm they have 14 seats if elections were hold now the would go below 6 seats. Other parties from the government would lose 40% at least. So that is a new crisis.

Now lets tie it in with covid, the government did not have its affairs in order they where using emergency law system to close schools, businesses, churches, hospitals (visitors), retirement homes etc and whats coming to light now the effectiveness was not what they where saying. Also the laws that they made where not 100% and conflicted with other laws. Its now at a point that the government is sweeping there own street clean and saying its not asbit seems. Usually lying as government is a big no no but their own parties are covering them so the opposition does not have the votes to dismiss the government. If you see our prime minister he is like what are you going to do my party that make up the government are not going to drop me. One party that is afraid that is losing many seats wants to talk again to get a better deal but one party is saying no. We expect that this government is going to fall this year.
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Yet you own a forum with the org.uk
Thats because the old URL is from someone else and transfers where not going true so we made the call for .org.uk. Also League of Reason falls under Phylogeny Explorer Project that is registered in the UK.