Clips: How do they do it?


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Every once and a while, a really good video pops up that has an extensive number of clips from various sources used to support the argument being made in the video. I always wondered how these video producers managed to compile such wide variety of clips on a single subject...

Do you think people collect these clips over a short period of time in order to make a specific video or are they collected casually over time with only a general idea of what they'll be used for?


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Depends on the person making the video...

I'd expect experts and professionals making videos about their area of expertise to have collections of clips and whatnot.

The vast majority are just netizens who are very good at searching for and editing video.


There's also a lot of stock video around (it's quite big business). Shots of all kind can be used if you are creative to make things look smooth.

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BitTorent, Public Domain videos, Stock Footage, Good Search Engine, University libraries (online as well)

Really never had trouble finding stuff. Sometimes, you have to dig a little bit to get what you need.

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Whenever I go youtube surfing, I make a mental note whenever I find a clip that may be useful in some subject in the future. By the time I make the video, I already know of several clips, and I simply fill in the gaps during production according to whatever I need. Note though that I do use images too. There's some people out there who use all clips, and it takes a lot of searching to do that.