Book Club starting and Rules

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This project started on the Facebook group Phylogeny Explorer Project and is also fun to do.

The first book for Book Club is Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism by Aron Ra. We choose this book because Aron Ra is the visionary of the Explorer and we thought why not start with this book. Steve Owen made a list of books for ideas etc this book is on this list. Also on the list is Darwin, Dawkins and Jones for example. This book is for the month June and we will discuss the book in Jul. I hope that many will join us reading and discussing the book.

ISBN-13: 978-1634310789
ISBN-10: 1634310780

Starting next month we are starting with Book Club. Book Club is something we want to do as project to grow our YouTube channel but more importantly promote science and more. Book Club is the only place where we allow controversial topics if you want to discuss these topics please go either to the Book Club website or League of Reason. The rules are as follow:
1. A pre-determined, democratically agreed book is read by the group each month.
2. Each month the book is going to be addressed live on YouTube. [Interested parties for that particular month will agree the best/most widely suitable time/day each month to suit participants and their timezones/availability for that particular live Youtube meeting.
3. Questions about the book can be sent in to admins/mods and/or can be livestreamed by text and will then be moderator or chair selected and be addressed live on YouTube.
4. We will try to get the author(s) of the book in the YouTube broadcast to answer questions, communicate and share, where possible, practical or appropriate.
5. 7 days before the upcoming Youtube meeting, a new book is going to be agreed and announced that will be read before the next live monthly Youtube meeting (after the forthcoming one). This way people can order and read the book in plenty of time.
6. As some books can be quite expensive, for inclusivity, the cap is going to be around 20 Dollars/Pounds/Euros, unless there are compelling or extenuating circumstances and agreement.
7. People can send in ideas, suggestions or requests for what book they would like to be shared next and the participants will vote on it. The most votes wins. In the event of a tie, the group chair will decide or draw straws in a manner of his choosing.
8. If there are no books put forward to vote on, Borg will choose the next book.
9. We can expand this to related books like drama, documentary, biography, fiction/sci-fi or other media such as film, TV series or Youtube etc. depending on whether we get people that are interested and can run this.
10. Borg has the last word if the rules do not cover it.