Bad Form, What?


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New blog post about the atomic power of formal logic.



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Hey Hack

I agree, it's a good adhesive post, bringing together many itinerant ideas from across your other articles. It surprises me how much of this I've just osmoted over the years; I do wish we'd studied formal logic at high school - I think it would make for a much more competent citizenry.

Just some asides:

make my titles between x words and y worda long

From the last paragraph. Actually, all the article was clearly written except that final paragraph which seems to have a few confusing turns of phrase.

For example:

I'm told by purported experts in such matters it's critical to keep the length of my posts down, make my titles between x words and y worda long (far too may words even at x for my liking), but I couldn't identify one of them that wasn't desperately trying to sell me something,

(my bold)

The pronoun 'them' there doesn't automatically refer back to 'purported experts' because there's a bunch of intervening plurals. Reinserting the key noun there would help with clarity.