Antivaxtards harassing the family of a dead baby


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Is it wrong that I find this quite amusing?

Especially with quotes like:
I could walk through a ward of babies dying from whooping cough or any other infectious disease and it would not affect my decision to not vaccinate my children.
It's perfectly emblematic of the demented nature of the movement, IMO.

When I come to power, these people are being shipped off to the tropics without malaria or yellow fever medication.


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I can't say I'd find that funny when emphasising to be terrorised, still I get the crankiness in the article.

[sarcasm]It's a pity there's no vaccination against dysfunctional absurdism[/sarcasm] :mrgreen:

Btw - no need to spend all the taxmoney to send those creatards to warmer regions - just let them labor on the land and party with clostridia and borrelia.