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  • Deleted member 42253 wrote on *SD*'s profile.

Sorry about that thread, though I found the explaination very informativ, didnt know that there were so many bots and webcrawlers around nowadays.
Not a problem, I just consider the question asked and answered, it's all good.
Hello and welcome! Thank you for all your posts and I hope you like this place.
Led Zeppelin
Well thanks! I joined this forum years ago on another account. I was a dick a lot of times and didn't really appreciate the freedom we have here and the effort that goes into maintaining a good web forum. And there are some pretty smart people here. Plus even though I am Christian I dont really feel right being on a forum where I have to pretend I never use words like "fuck" or "shit". lol
Dragan Glas
Dragan Glas

I have returned.

Kindest regards,