Zarkātaoism-A new religion for nonbelievers


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Christians, Muslims, Pastafarianism...s...
Why should they get to have all the fun?
The three pillars of Zarkātaoism are as follows:
Understanding science; The pillar.
Embracing Humanity
practicing pretend.
Understanding science is something that humanists and atheists and what not already do. It is something that most Christianity does not do, however. What Christianity gets that atheists do not get is the opportunity to pretend collectively that their imaginary friend is looking out for them. That is what practicing pretend means in Zarkātaoism. For a little while talk to a god that you like. I like Athena. Goddess of wisdom, war, and art. Which gods would you pray to if they were real? If you have somebody at work you don't like, for example, you could pray to Ares and say let me get that promotion let me win this war of blue collars.
Pretend for a while that are he really hears you just like a Christian pretends...well yeah, just like a Christian pretends that Jesus can hear them for a while then do the work and get the promotion. It's that belief in that specified period. The ritual the Christians get that atheists don't get that Zarkātaoism is offering. Among many other interesting things.