While I Was Away...


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So, what have I been up to while I was away?

Lots of things. The most significant being that I've finally started compiling material for the book I've been promising for over a decade. I've resurrected my blog, and I'm using it as kind of my author's notes. most of what I've written is science, or philosophy of science, so I'll stick it here.

Some acknowledgements:

A partial treatment of the Kalam fallacy, along with some thoughts about beginnings:

Pre-Plank cosmology (you'll recognise a lot of this, as this forum was the beginnings of this:

The above will be an ongoing series, later to be distilled.

Relationship between mathematics and science:

What philosophy is and is not:

A treatment of the various kinds of logic and how they're used in science:

The second law of thermodynamics:

Burden of proof and peer-review, or how not to argue with a scientist:

Information in DNA:

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and how LoR (among many other things) would be impossible without it.

Any nits, crits, questions and corrections welcome as always.

Hope you find something you enjoy in there.


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New post up: Has Evolution Been Proven?



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Quick interim post by request. Scale invariant cosmology and the cosmological constant.



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New post up: Are Babies Atheist? Semantics and Communication.

This is a treatment of a common derail in discourse with apologists. Also a treatment of PZ Myers' 'dictionary atheists' rant.



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New blog post: Evolution and Entropy Revisited:

A treatment of life and evolution as a manifestation of the second law of thermodynamics.



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I have not read everything but what I did read was both entertaining and, most importantly, informative. Hope to see more (and have the time to read more).


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New blog post: Morality and the False Dichotomy.


This is a treatment of the moral argument for god, and treats assertions concerning objective morality and requirement for a source.


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Great seeing you back. I can't wait to read everything on that blog.

Quick mentions:

1) Can you do something about the index of the blog? It may be that I suck at it but I can't figure it out how to find the index of your postings.

2)http://reciprocity-giving-something-back.blogspot.ro/2016/03/before-big-bang-part-i.html -> On this post, there is a broken image. Right under "Here's an image of the patch of the CMBR they were looking at with the polarisation indicated:"


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Cheers, dude.

Yes, there's an issue with the index, and I've struggled to get it to play nice. I came up with a temporary solution of having a landing page, which you can find here:


Thanks for the pointer on the image. Will fix.


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Ok, fixed it. Managed to get a floating link to the landing page and replaced images.

Thanks for that. I might not have noticed for ages.


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Do you have enough core material for the book or you open to suggestions ? If you are here be some of mine : the establishment of the scientific
method from its birth during the Enlightenment right through to the present day [ may be referenced with famous / important scientific discoveries
long the way ] and why it is the best methodology for observing physical phenomena / great scientific battles such as those between Newton and
Leibniz or Einstein and Bohr / great scientific tragedies such as the deaths of Marie Curie of radiation poisoning and Rosalind Franklin of ovarian
cancer cruelly robbing her of the Nobel she deserved much as Crick and Watson if not more so / the paradigm shift within science as discovered
by Thomas Kuhn / why Richard Feynman would be your hero if you did them and not Newton or Einstein who most others would choose instead
why does science matter and why should we as a society be scientifically literate / why does space exploration matter / is science ever dogmatic


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Not really in the scope of the book. It's not a book about science but about thinking.

Most of the book is already in my head, so not really looking for new ideas.

Edit: Should add that I have another book (or maybe a series) in the works, about the unsung heroes of science, and Rosalind Franklin is already on the list.


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New post up:



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With a tremendous amount of respect, I think this belongs in the self promotion forum. Although very scientific and interesting, the posts seem to just point to your own blog.


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Well, it's not here as a matter of self-promotion, but so that those familiar with the subject matter can pick up on any errors, which is the only reason it's in blog form at the moment, because it's material being compiled for a book.

Not sure why you see it as a problem, TBH.


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Politics, this one.

New blog post: Take Me To Your Leader


Comments on the last year in UK Labour party.