Vaccination progress in the United Arab Emirates


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No vaccine is 100% effective, those vaccinated against measles may still get infected in areas that still haven't reaped the full benefits of the M.M.R vaccine.
Correct. However, I find it highly suspect and/or concerning that white males aged roughly in their mid thirties are more susceptible to Covid 19 compared to statistically "at risk" people considering age group and considering those people have pre existing conditions that typically make it more likely for them to get the sickness. Odds are weird in this way because technically one could roll snake eyes 1000 times in a row but it would be astronomically remote odds of actually happening.

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I know more people who have had symptoms of C19 and were tested positive after taking some variant of the vaccine. My coworkers at an FFL are federally required to because they are from different branches of the military. Some of them had to go through steroidal therapy in order to bring back full lung function.

I don't know one person that has abstained from taking vaccination and also had C19/showed symptoms. My 96 year old grandmother isn't vaccinated and doesn't wear masks. I'm not vaccinated either and I've never had symptoms/tested positive.
I know 2 people that have been damaged by the vax and only 1 person who had covid but was fine after 1 day.

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In my case I have known someone that is a soldier and had to go through steroidal therapy to get better which didn't take 1 day. Also o_O
I saw a movie about a soldier that was administered an experimental steroid, who later went on to dismantle a bizarre cult/tech faction of the Nazi regime. Also he metabolized alcohol too quickly to actually get drunk.

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I dont really understand what I am supposed to make of these numbers.

What is a "case"?

How many people did they test on that particular day?

How many of the tested people were vaccinated?