The Beautiful Destruction of Kent Hovind


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I get such little free time now, but these have been keeping me sane. They are a spark of nostalgia in the beautiful destruction of someone who has long deserved it. I have to say, I am glad AronRa is doing it in this format and not live.



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I don't have too much time myself, and seeing the vids pop up in my inbox did tickle my interest and my nostalgia bone.

So I watched a bit...

... then I remembered how much I detest listening to Kent Hovind, who in true nostalgic form, is using the same goddamn arguments and stories he did all those years ago.

This got old pretty fast. I've never seen someone use ignorance as a weapon like that. At least not to that degree. The tittering from the peanut gallery and constant personal attacks just don't make for compelling watching when on repeat. "Nuh uh. You're stupid!" seems to be the only retort inmate 06452017 seems to have. When watching his videos I have to wonder who came up with his original shtick. I don't believe he was ever smart enough to do anything other than parrot something written by someone else he's rehearsed some 10,000 times now. I have suffered through all of the videos so far but I'm not sure I'm going to continue. Even train wrecks become unwatchable if you see the same one every day.


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As much as I appreciate Aron Ra and his dedication to informing people... I can't bear to watch thick shits like Hovind who have made their livelihoods based on fraud, lies, and gulling undereducated numpties.