So, no discussion here either? Perhaps a more accurate name would have been The League of Silence.


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I only looked into this forum because it was mentioned by Aron. I don't know what the problem is, but it doesn't seem any different than any place else. There are no discussions to be found on Face Book, Reddit, YouTube, The International Skeptics forum, Sam Harris' forum, or even on Scientific American. Oh, well ...
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This forum isn't active for the most part. It was at one time but recently not so much. A year or so ago there was a technical issue and the site went down for a number of months. It has just recently been brought back and the few active members haven't really come back. I think Aron has taken it over to keep a place for him to have public discussions in written format. So he probably does advertise it for that purpose. Perhaps it will eventually pick back up as more people realize this site is active again. If you want a more active forum currently you might try It's fairly active and has many knowledgeable people on it.

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Aron want it for discussions. While i repaired the database i do not have time to run this site on a daily basis, i'm running part of the Phylogeny Explorer Project for social media and other stuff with Steve. There is lots of stuff installed on the site including a fully functional CMS but i do not have time to set it up or to write articles for it. I was going to ask Aron about what we are going to do and how to proceed but i haven't gotten around to it yet. Maybe we will ask in a email for moderators for this site and/or writers.