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Search for truth

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The truth is creation envolves how life originated and evolution does not. So if, for example, you consider the Biblical account of creation then you also have vast amounts of information in the Bible about how things are in the world we live in, according to the Creator. Atheistic evolutionists have nothing like this, so you cant really judge them on the same level. they might just follow any dumb thing, like an organization like BLM, or whatever, without even really knowing what they are doing. And they support killing unborn children.
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If there is no God, why do I know that atheists will never support any true measure to end abortion? If my belief in God is just some crazy thing I made up then how is it that it reasonably divides a demographic?
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So Im a Creationist mostly because the people who say I am wrong have no explanation for the origins of life. Because people dont like to admit they are wrong they come up with all kinds of weird shit to convince themselves that life evolves from dead matter. Deep down inside, everyone realizes, intuitively, that this does not happen. But because we hate God, we will get together and support any idea that is against him. This is normal human behavior.
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I just donated 5 dollars to there phylogeny explorer. They are smart guys but I dont even really know what it is. I think it's just some bullshit thing they are making up now because they never knew how to figure out the ancestry of any living organism. Whatever they come up with will just be bullshit. They are just taking information that is already known and using it to make the best model of common ancestry. And it still wont work. I dont understand why they are blind to this.