Mathematic Proof of God--I guess?


Someone just sent me a PM that is a little hard for me to understand.
Are you interested in mathematical proofs.I know you dismiss the good book as a bunch of fairy tales and nobody can blame you for that. And religious apologists piss you off. But what if someone did in fact have strong evidence in the form of mathematical proofs that there may in fact be some truth in scripture . I'm sure your a man of integrity and are willing to adjust your thinking to fit the facts. Unlike the creationists who you eloquently and humorously debate.These equations are simple and irrefutable. Some are based on gematria some are not . I have carried this information around for 3 years and think it is time to share. Hope this message finds you well.

This is unique. I can convert every universal constant to produce the same number. 21568 recurs indefinitely. I use .153 51 8 very simple. I also use english gemetria and the result is always 80621568
21568 Is my birthday
Simple one to start speed of light 186000 miles per second÷153=1215686274509803921568

Here we go aron!. Simplicity to start . Golden ratio 0.187859646206712024÷153=0.001227840824880470745098039(21568)RECURRING

Fibonacci factorial constant 1.2267420107203532441÷153= 000801792163869511924450989 039(21568) recurring
Multiply that by2368 same result

Landau ramanujans constant 0.76422365358922066299÷153=0.004994925840452422639(215_ 68)recurring
Every fucking universal constant.

How about english gemetria. Take each letter multiply it by the some of its parts. Lord jesus christ =1÷2×1×5×1×8×4×1×5×1×9×2×1×1×9×3×8×1×8×9×1×9×2=80621568
A lamb without ble mish=8062156£
Iam yeshua the lord of life =80621568
Yeshua has redeemed israel=80621568
Yeshua has always loved us=80621568
Iam the hamishiach 80621568
Jesus fulfilled the law 80621568
My love is endless and true 806215_8
I died rose and ascended 80621568
Yeshua shall raise you up 80621568
I have redeemed you from sin 80621568
These numbers prove iam =80621568
Iam yeshua the bread of life =806 21568
Iam christ your rock=80_21568
The guy won't tell me what he thinks his point is, and I have no idea what he's on about.


Since posting this, he added:
Need I go on aron.Do I have to give you the distance between stars. The relationship between the pyramids and the sun. Or nature or anything else good fella.
Can anyone else figure out this guy's argument?


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Mathematics is just a language, (just like English is a language). It is merely the language of size and there is nothing remarkable about it, since we use it to describe our universe, which seems to be regular and following a set of natural laws.

Which is in fact perfectly consistent with what we'd expect from a natural world. If the supernatural were true then 2+2 could upon the ordination of a deity could in some instances not equal 4.

For example:
Any number will become a multiple of 9 if you subtract the sum of all the digits in that number.

34 - (3+4) = 27
27 ÷ 9 = 3

111 - (1+1+1) = 108
108 ÷ 9 = 12

9682 - (9+6+8+2) = 9567
9567 ÷ 9 = 1073 and so on for any number.

This guy seems to think that patterns like this somehow conclude god.
He may as well be saying: "There is order in the universe, therefore Yeshua"

I'm very skeptical about his gematria nonsense. It should work in all languages, although it obviously can't. What about his arbitrary use of Jesus in some cases and Yeshua in others?

I find it wholly unremarkable that you can form phrases to obtain the numerical value of your choosing by adding the assigned value of the letters. Although I bet he's also engaging in ad hoc manipulation as well, by adding 7 because it's a lucky number or dividing by 3 because you know... the trinity.

If you really want to see how far some Christians take this gematria and numerology nonsense, just take a look at this thread. It's in Polish but the link translates it into English.

Christian gematria nonsense thread
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Evidence of Design in Mathematics

there does exist a world (of universals or the form of the Good, which you can identify with God), which transcends the physical empirical world, and this world of intelligible forms is responsible for the “enforcement” of mathematical order in the physical world. Thus, intelligibility is responsible for the physical world.

The other theory of mathematics, the one which I happen to favour because it doesn’t require such icky occultic philosophical entities, is the idea that mathematics is a human creation. Just like how we invented chess, likewise did we humans invent mathematics. But even though chess and mathematics is our invention, but once invented it has a reality independent of our subjectivity. Thus, for example, it is an objectively true fact that one is able to checkmate in a number of moves, or one is forced to make a certain move to get out of a check, etc. The analogy which Karl Popper used is that of a spider spinning a web. The spider made the web, but once the web was made, it has an objective reality of its own, it is of a certain biochemistry, of a certain pattern, structure in order to retain its integrity, etc.

Thus, mathematics is a product of our minds, in exactly the same way that chess, fictional stories, myths, musical compositions, etc, are products of our minds. Thus, upon this conception, the miracle is that the universe happens to conform to our mind generated realities, that the universe is governed, structured, ordered by a mind generated reality. Therefore we can infer the universe is in fact ordered by a like mind upon the basis of the mind-resonating, that is, resonance and conformity to mind generated realities of mathematics, which the universe possesses.

The naturalistic explanation only explains how we came to create those mental constructs which are able to represent the universe, but it doesn’t explain why does nature itself possess those cognitive resonating and conformity to mind-like orders in the first place.

Perhaps the most convincing evidence that the world was expressly designed to conform to simple laws that man would readily discover is furnished by the universal law of gravitation: F= Gm[1]m[2]/r^2. Notice the exponent 2. Why is it not 1.9999999 . . ., or 4.3785264 . . ., or something else hard to use in computations? Yet research has been able to specify the exponent as far as the first six digits, giving 2.00000. Thus, so far as we can tell, the exponent is exactly 2. Coulomb's law of electric force is similar: F = kq[1]q[2]/r^2. In this case, research has established that the exponent is no different from exactly 2 as far as the first 17 digits. Would we find such laws in an accidental universe?

Matter-antimatter pair production ratio 1 in 10 billion of “leftover particles” happens to be the exact amount of mass necessary for the formation of stars, galaxies, and planets. The number of electrons (in the universe) is equivalent to the number of protons to an accuracy of one part in 10 to the 37th power. If it were not so, galaxies, stars, and planets would never form.

Upon the finetuning by a happy accident of the cosmological constant, the probability that our universe contains galaxies is akin to exactly 10^123. That is 1 possibility in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 .

During one orbit around the Sun, Earth actually rotates about its own axis 366.3 times. The Moon orbits the Earth in 27.3 days. Of course, a day is one Earth rotation on its own axis. 366.3 x 27.3 = 9999.99 At the same time, the Earth is 366.3% the diameter of the Moon and the Moon is 27.3% the diameter of Earth. 366.3% x 27.3% = .999999. The combined diameter of all the planets in our solar system is 10 times greater than the Earth’s circumference. This has astonishingly high accuracy at 99.99%. The distance between the moon and the sun is 400 times greater than the distance from the earth and the moon. The Sun happens to be 400 times the Moon’s diameter, and 400 times as far away. This means the Sun and Moon appear to be the same size when viewed from Earth. The circumference of the earth at the equator is 24,901.55 miles. The earth’s rotation speed is 1037.5646 mph. If you divide 24,901.55 by 1037.5646 you get 24. Which is the number of hours in a complete day. Just enough rotation speed compared to it’s size to equal a perfect exposure to both sun light and darkness so that life could exist here.

Albert Einstein in "Geometry and Experience" (1921):
“How can it be that mathematics, being after all a product of human thought which is independent of experience, is so admirably appropriate to the objects of reality?"

Only a tiny fraction of our knowledge and interaction with the world is based on scientific knowledge.
Are our minds a goal or only byproduct?
Max Tegmark: "Nature is clearly giving us hints that the universe is mathematical," many mathematicians even feel that they don't invent mathematical structures, "they just discover them -- that these mathematical structures exist independently of humans." "If we really believe that nature is fundamentally mathematical, then we should look for mathematical patterns and regularities when we come across phenomena that we don't understand. This problem-solving approach has been at the heart of physics' success for the past 500 years."

The universe, which was created very long before human, is mathematical, geometrical and incredibly harmonized in such a way that the human brain could not ignore this highly organized system.

Scientist quotes about God, evolution, intelligent design