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Littering. Whilst not littering. Technically, practically or otherwise.


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Here is an encounter I recorded this morning between me and a wannabe cop. I refer to them as such because they are NOT Police. These are third party independent contractors employed by various Council Parishes in the UK. Their job is to lurk in public places and steal peoples money for 'littering' offences. They have zero powers of <anything> and so rely on attempted bullying to gain compliance in return for relinquishing details in order to gain a profit.

This may be somewhat odd to non UK/EU readers/viewers. The entire reason for posting is I did NOT discard any litter, nor did I attempt to, nor do I condone such. Yes, that's me in the video, this recording was taken this morning in the car park of a supermarket. Please READ the video description BEFORE replying to this thread if you have any input.


I extinguished my cigarette on top of the tyre on my vehicle and left it there whilst waiting for my passenger to exit the shop with the groceries. Placing detritus on top of my car tyre is NOT an offence even under moronic UK law. I did not leave the scene, I did not attempt to leave the scene, I did not appear to attempt to leave the scene thus the item cannot be considered discarded and therefore does not constitute a littering offence.
Sounds like you sould call the actual authorties since you did not break any laws and they are inpersinating an officer.
Oh he's been reported to the company he works for, and the County Council since that is who the company he is working for is contracting on behalf of. It will go to court, and I'm looking forward to it very much.
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I have seen more video’s like this from the UK they think they have actual power.