James Randi 7th August 1929 - 20th October 2020


A great contributor to truth, facts, testing, science and reality and separating that from everything else. He demonstrated that research scientists in their own labs can be deceived, setting new standards, exposing fakes, frauds and the ignorant and openmly inviting claimants of the supernatural or paranormal to present or test their claims or abilities with a $1 million dollar prize. He was a great magician, escvapologist and endurance artist, breaking two world records. He influenced many and I hope his memory will also help promote the LGBTQ+ cause along with his skeptical outlook, to challenge what is not so. He influenced me and I never got to meet him, (it was on my bucket list) but I did communicate on the JREF many years ago with him.

He has won many awards, written many books, given lectures around the world, including TED and a film and TV shows, not to mention Uri Geller, Peter Popoff etc. He did a great TV series in the UK which I reco9mmend:



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James Randi was by far the biggest influence on my life. I still vividly remember the episode of "Bill Nye, The Science Guy" he was on and how it was all about optical illusions and how easy one can be fooled. That was my first exposure to him, and I was hooked. After that, I watched every documentary that he was in to catch a glimpse of his genius. That is probably why I am interested in the things I am now because most of the documentaries he was in were the token skeptic and only appeared for a few minutes.

I am truly saddened at the news of his passing, and if 2020 was a normal year, I know this would be much bigger and sadder news around the world.


His, 'Project Alpha' spawned a lot of skeptical organisations since it happened and gave Banachech (sic?) his big break who also helpeed create and regulate the $1 million challenge and other preliminary tests. Randi was a huge influence on me, too. I never met him (it was on my bucket list) by we conversed on the JREF some years ago. If anyone cares to watch the ablve linked series, it really demonstrated how simple it is to test people and how easily people are fooled. He was a perfect gentleman on the programme.



At the passing of James Randi, I was going to ask Aron Ra if he had heard this story/song from the great Australian comic, musician and atheist, Tim Minchin. There are several performances online and a lyric version. But this is from the 2012 Reason Rally and if you notice the bottom of the screen at points: 5:57 – 6:24; 7:14-7:20 and 10:58-11:20, you’ll notice why I don’t need to!


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Just listened to last night's Atheist Experience show, they paid a hefty tribute, which I assumed they would. Randi had this sort of calm and funny demeanor on stage, a tough act to follow.