good Voice programmes?

When it comes to making videos that employ lengthy quotations to back up my arguments I normally employ a text to audio programme calledIvona to make a clear audio distinguishment between what i say and what is contained within a quote i use. Chris Rodda does the same as this with another programme (that i do not know the name of) here.

My usage of Ivona was all fine and well until recently when for whatever reason they restricted how much one could type into the programme to 250 characters. which is frustrating for any, lengthy quotes that i might have for future video productions because breaking said quote up and then putting back together all the mp3s generated takes an awful lot of time.

are there any other similar programmes you know of?

I tried VozMe which gives you the whole mp3 right from the off, but the audio quality isn't too brilliant


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I would just use something simple like Audacity, recording my own readings and changing the pitch/tempo/whatever.