Finally! My own Conspiracy Theory.


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I am usually perhaps more inclined towards highly skeptical behavior even with only slightly remarkable claims, so conspiracy theories tend not to gel too well with me, mostly because they're bollocks and don't stand up to inspection.

However, I always wanted my very own spangly conspiracy theory, and while this doesn't quite arrive at being a conspiracy theory, because there's no actual conspiracy, the fact that I can just string some words together on the internet and pretend that validates any ensuing meaning, perhaps also give a passing show of having supported my notions, then I can rightfully claim to have my very own shiny conspiracy theory. Ooh shiny!

So I will.

It's probably not even close to unique - I'll bet plenty of other people have pontificated publicly on this before, but I think Trump has mental health issues.

My claim:

If you watch/listen to Donald Trump in videos in the 80's, 90's, 00's, and then this decade, you see a fairly rapid change in his apparent competence in various areas of public communication. Beginning about 15 years ago, his articulation dropped, his vocabulary repertoire shrank, and his mannerisms shifted.

I can show vids if you want, but I expect no one really wants to have 5 vids of Donald Trump in this thread, even if it is about him.

Of course, people change. That's what life is. And people do go through stages where they may be more likely to exhibit a certain type of behavior, from exuberance to crustiness for example.

But our vocabularies don't tend to drop until later in life - past 80's for most people, I would guess.

Trump, though, is on a steady decline here, and the stresses of office seem to be accelerating that decline.

So, here's my crackpot proposal: some form of frontotemporal dementia.

In a nutshell, frontotemporal dementia is a degeneration in particular competencies (like articulation, memory, motor function etc) caused by progressive nerve cell loss in the frontal lobes. It can have an impact on personality and behavior towards others, and it can affect judgment, empathy, and awareness of the results of one's actions. In some scenarios, it can appear quite sociopathic in many regards.

Two types seem to particularly pertain to Trump.

First, and to me the gooey core of my fruitcake, is primary progressive aphasia.

This affects language skills, syntax, vocabulary, recalling the names of things, writing, reading, and comprehension. It tends to result in people producing very simplistic statements, or statements that wander off onto sidetracks with the sufferer unaware of the shift in conversation thread. It's stream of consciousness, but broken into simple syntax i.e. - subject, verb, object and..... new subject verb object and....

The second, while not really part of the grand fruitcake I have baked for your skeptical delight (and so can be considered a free cherry on the top) is behavior variant frontotemporal dementia (bvFTD).

As explained in part above, this is characterized by a progressive change in the characteristics of a person. It starts early and barely noticeable with only the slightest changes in behavior. For example, stiffness in gait, extreme preferences for or restrictions of certain types of food, sometimes progressing to only eating one brand of one particular food group, and variants of hypersexual behavior, like losing awareness of social boundaries. As it progresses, very noticeable repeated gestures become frequent, outbursts of incoherent frustration are more frequent, and qualities like empathy for others and awareness of one's own actions are lost, and rote behaviors and gesticulations begin to be apparent.

With absolutely no relevant qualifications in medicine, in clinical neurology, in neuropharmocology, or really anything I can blag my way into justifying any degree of authority in to boost my showing in this argument, I forward this internet theory regardless.

Of course, I have to say that I am neither making fun of people with these diseases, nor mocking Trump by discussing this. While it's very unlikely that I am right, because you can't have any degree of certainty from your armchair, if it were even remotely possible to be true, it has very serious implications and those implications are going to get more and more pronounced, ergo a prediction written down now in July 2017.

Crackpottery concluded. As you were! :D


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YES! It's now graduated to a full on conspiracy... I was missing this component to make it proper, like!

This is why he surrounds himself with a small group of advisors, primarily made up of his family. Either he knows, or they do.


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Hmm same format, same tenuous link between one set of clinical symptoms, and some cherrypicked actions by Trump... but still going to have to opt for mine because, well, it's mine! :cool: