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I have updated the donation page so that you stay on the League of Reason website, also added the logo.

Q: How does donating work
A: You set the time interval onetime, monthly, quarterly or yearly. You need to select the currency Euro, Pounds or Dollars. After that you set amount 5, 10, 15, 25, 50, 100 or custom (please do not go below £3, $3 or €3 because how it works). You can even leave a remark. After that fill in Name, Lastname and email address. Then select Credit/Debit card or Pay Pal to make the payment.

Q: Why do i see the name Phylogeny Explorer Project in the donor box.
A: The League of Reason is part of the Phylogeny Explorer Project it’s the parent company we operate under.

Q: Why not a new company for the League of Reason.
A: Cost plain and simple, maintaining a company costs money. We want to invest in our own websites not sponsor a government to maintain a company.

Q: Are there any other ways i can donate.
A: Not yet but we are working on it, we will make an announcement when this happens.
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Dropped a few coins in the pot again maybe 2 weeks ago, hope they showed up!
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Please donate if you can the software we use needs renewing all donations are welcome.