Differentiating between video production options


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I think it would be good to discuss the various options available for video production. I'm personally a complete rookie with regards to the topic so its possible I have a flawed understanding of the options available. As I understand it, the following options are available:

-Live action filming
-Slide shows and video clip productions
-Flash animation
-Powerpoint videos
-Video FX (CGI)

Am I missing anything or can these be broken down any further and what are the pros and cons of each type?


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I guess this would kinda count, but I have a video where I am talking with a friend of mine which was pure audio initially. I then made it so that the visuals showed which of us was speaking by highlighting our avatar.

This is pretty similar to a slideshow I guess, but its not quite the same. I don't really know if I've described it all too well tbh, lol. :lol: