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A short exchange of views


New Member
I posted a couple of comments on a video about the Westboro family, originally in response to another comment:
Person A said:
I said:
Wrong. They are real Christians. The irony is that you don't see it.,
Person B said:
judging and condemning everyone is being a, Christian? hmmm this i did not know
I said:
Apparently, you haven't read the bible then.
Person B said:
I KNOW IT SAYS not to judge people for it is not your place but gods., Who are you to say i haven't read the bible.
(Because caps make your argument STRONGER?)
I said:
Yea, tiny problem with that., That's some very selective reading there. Try Genesis 17:14, 24:3, 38:24; Exodus 4:24, 11:7, 15:26, 17:13+, 19:5, 22:18+, 23:32, 30:33, 31:14, 32:27, 34:11; even if we leave out the rest of Leviticus, there are more lovely passages like Deuteronomy 2:21-25, 2:30, 2:33-36, 7:3, 7:10, 7:25, 13:1-5, 17:2-7, 23:3+6, 28 everything, 32:19, Joshua 3:7, 2 Kings 2:23, Psalms 2:8, 14:1, 53:1 and so on and so forth.
Person B said:
many scriptures can be used to help any, argument. I'm done here. Have fun with your life.
I said:
So that's your retort? "Lalalalalala I cannot hear youuuuu"? Not very convincing. I am a bit surprised that you would defeat your own point you made earlier by saying that one can make any claim about what the bible says, but I do not disagree. I merely go one step further and look at the ratio of kind and disgusting things in the book and honestly, the conclusion is quite clear. It's definitely not a book showcasing or advocating particularly moral behavior.

awaiting response...

Person B said:
you make a good point. Thats all i have to say

Well that was unexpected. Anticlimactic, too.

Edit 2: Person A comes to the rescue! (compare this to what he said earlier)
Person A said:
I know they are real Christians but, their, motives and morals as Christians is wrong!

I said:
Help me out here, what part of their actions are morally wrong from a Christian point of view and what is your evidence (where in the bible are these actions condemned)?

Person A said:
First of all, it's not their responsibility to judge others, there are a couple of verses in the bible that we should judge or condemn others, like Romans 14:12-13 and Luke 6:37. I don't think they should be protesting against funerals of dead soliders, I mean there are many examples of, war in the bible, where it was God's plan that they go to war like when the Israelites went to war in 1 Samuel 15:3. War is never, a good thing, but sometimes it is inevitable.

no time for a response yet, but I will, in due time, have fun with this one.
Man the thin is that we should Dianabol not speak or talk about other.s religion it so bad other people feel so bad
Dariana said:
Man the thin is that we should not speak or talk about other.s religion it so bad other people feel so bad

Sorry if I misunderstand, but are you saying that religion should never be criticized under any circumstances because it might make some of the adherents of that religion feel bad?
gotta love the complete disconnect of saying that Westboro Baptist isn't Christian for judging people, while they judge the Westboro Baptists.
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